As Trump Continues to Bring New Jobs to America, Democrats Continue to Kill Old Ones


If you’ve been monitoring the news for the last few months, one of the themes you may have picked up on is the influx of new jobs to the nation and the return of those that were outsourced because of the unfavorable corporate tax rates implemented during the Obama years.

Under Donald Trump, Ford canceled plans to open a plant in Mexico, the telecom company Sprint has said it wll bring 5,000 jobs to the U.S., and air conditioning giant Carrier has agreed to keep 1,000 more in Indianapolis.

The constant flow of new deals bringing new jobs to the American manufacturing industry and keeping old jobs in purple states, have been an important part of President Trump’s first month of work. Whether or not he is personally responsible for these particular events matters little. What matter is the “optics” of the situation. Consumer confidence has soared to a 15-year high, and investment in America is dramatically up.

While all this good news is happening, Democrats in state and city government continue to do their damnedest to turn the nation’s happy face upside down.

On Wednesday, Pepsi announced that it would be forced to layoff some 100 workers in Philadelphia because of the city’s “sin tax” on sweetened beverages:

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