Trump Charms Canada, Mexico Threatens Canada!



Mexico still doesn’t get it. It is not a super power. The most powerful factor in Mexico is its vestigial Trotskyite arrogance for multiculturalism and internationalism. It is a flea shouting and railing at an elephant… while threatening, pressurizing and seducing Canada to avoid Trump.

Unlike freedom-recovering America, populism will never see the light of day in Canada! The globalist Fake News of Canada is firm in this belief. All too aware of this, devious Mexico is maximizing its manipulations of Canada before Trump slams the hammer on NAFTA.

Less than a week ago, Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said Mexico may retaliate to unfavorable trade terms, with Canada, by ceasing to co-operate on drug enforcement, migration control, security and intelligence…

As if it ever did cooperate! Clearly, while President Trump with all graciousness and diplomatic finesse courts Trudeau, Mulroney and Canada, Mexico threatens as if Trotsky were still alive.

The Mexican Economy Minister insists: “Canada and Mexico must stand firm on trilateral NAFTA.” Is this what Obama is encouraging from his bunker phone in Washington D.C.? Does the underground cheerleader for the losing globalist team never stop?

Mexico has been growing in popularity in recent years as a route for migrants and refugees from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa headed for the United States. Obama, from his bunker, will do everything he can to maximize and protect this flow of Muslim “refugees.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s Obama-opposing Derek Burney, who helped negotiate the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement under then-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, believes Canada and Mexico’s trade agendas share little common ground.

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