Trey Gowdy: South Carolina’s Own “Dirty Harry” Callahan!


Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of watching Representative Trey Gowdy will understand the correlation between his kind of “no holds bar” stance and that of Clint Eastwood’s character Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry movies.

Like Eastwood, Gowdy is no nonsense and has no problem telling you what he thinks when he is in action! A former state and federal prosecutor, Trey Gowdy is determined to represent the people who elected him to the 4th congressional district seat of South Carolina and in my opinion he is most certainly making the people of South Carolina proud!

“It’s a question of methods. Everybody wants results, but nobody wants to do what they have to do to get them done.”– Dirty Harry


Trey Gowdy has been a critic of the handling of several scandals by the Obama administration including Benghazi. Gowdy during the House Oversight Committee’s questioning of whistleblower Gregory Hicks asked what he felt when he watched Ambassador Susan Rice come on 5 (five) Sunday talk shows and blame the whole attack on a YouTube video. Hick’s response was “my jaw dropped.”

Gowdy in usual form also had this to say when during these same hearings his Democratic counterparts had the audacity to suggest it was the Republican’s fault that the consulate did not have the proper security due to austerity cuts they (Republicans) voted for:

“You had money for condom demonstrations, you had money for culinary diplomacy, you had money to buy electric vehicles in Germany, but you didn’t have the money to upgrade the security specifications in Benghazi?” Gowdy goes on to remind Democrats “Their budget has gone up exponentially since the Republicans took over.”

In his response to the now infamous response given by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “what difference at this point does it make”, Gowdy came back with a pithy response:

“It always matters whether or not you can trust your government…it most assuredly matters to the family and friends of the four deceased. [T]he media does have an oversight role, they’re supposed to, but Congress also has an oversight role.”

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”– Dirty Harry

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