Trans-Abled: The Next “Trans” is Here & It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine


With all the new “isms” and sexual variances popping up in our society, clamoring to be heard and given special rights, we have focused solely on the sexual sin and the direction that things could move.  Many have been warning that the homosexual rights movement was not the end.  Many have been saying that bestiality and multi-couples were just over the horizon.  The fear being that if the people of the same sex can “marry,” then why can’t a man “marry” his dog?  What is wrong with four people “marrying” each other?

As frightening as these possibilities are, they may pale to what is coming out of Canada.

Breitbart reported:

If you thought that transgender was the ultimate manifestation of a society ever more unhooked from sanity, then you haven’t met the latest wave of “transabled” folk—healthy people who identify with the disabled and maim themselves to achieve their dream.

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