Touch Screen Technology: Past, Present and Future


Touch screen is not a new buzz in the world of technology but the way it has revolutionized our lives is incredible. A touch screen is a display screen sensitive to the tap of a finger or stylus. The technology is used everywhere- on ATM machines, retail point-of-sale terminals, car navigation systems, medical monitors and industrial control panels. Let’s have a look back at how it emerged to its present status.

The Past

E.A. Johnson was the first one to come out with touch screen technology for air traffic control in 1968 followed by Doctor Sam Hurst Elograph in 1971, a milestone in touch screen technology In 1977, Siemens Corporation produced the first device with the name “touch screen”. It was a first curved glass touch sensor interface. Computer manufacturing company, Hewlett-Packard launched the HP-150, a home computer with touch screen technology in 1983. Next were smart phones and handhelds with touch screen technology in nineties. In 1993, apple introduced Newton PDA, furnished with handwriting recognition. In the same year, IBM came out with the first ever smart phone ‘Simon’. It had a calendar, note pad, and fax function, and a touch screen interface that permitted dialing phone numbers. In 1996, Palm released advanced touch screen technology with its Pilot series.

Wherein the early tablets held pen input and gave a small suite of applications for handwritten notes and other pen-centric tasks, modern phone and tablet operating systems are designed for touch first, and then different software is employed for use with a keyboard, mouse, or even a stylus.

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