The Top 30 Fake Hate Crimes Busted Since Election Day


Since November 9, the day Donald J. Trump became the President-Elect of the United States, the media has erupted in reports of “hate crimes” against a large swath of liberal focus groups, especially Muslims. However, despite early reports, it also turns out that nearly every single one of those reports turned out to be a hoax. So, here are the top thirty fake hate crimes since Election Day.

But before we get to the list, though, at least one American Muslim has spoken up to tell his fellow Americans to stop it with the fake hate crimes. Siraj Hashmi took to the pages of Red Alert Politics to tell his fellows to just cut it out.

Hashmi warned the fakers that they are only hurting themselves along with anyone who might suffer a real hate crime by turning all so-called hate crimes into mere cries of wolf in the eyes of the American peole. Hashmi said, “please don’t make up a hate crime, especially when these incidents are so politically charged. Faking a hate crime questions the credibility of anyone and everyone who suffers from real hate crimes.”

It is sound advice, indeed. But the only flaw in Hashmi’s point is that, thus far at least, it seems as if the only “hate crimes” we are seeing ARE the fake ones!

Anyway, starting on the day after the November 9 announcement that Donald Trump was to become our 45th U.S. president, here are the top 30 fake hate crimes:

#1: Minnesota Police Say it Never Happened

On November 10 the Minneapolis Police Department assured the city that there was never any hate crime reported despite the rumors of one started on social media.

#2: Busted Tale of 4 White Men Harassing Black Woman in Delaware

In another story where police noted that they were never told of any such crime, a black woman in Delaware made the claim that four white men attacked her at a gas station in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. There is no proof it ever happened and the woman who made the claim deleted her Facebook post and disappeared from social media.

#3: Vandalism of Trump and Nazi Slogans Appears to be Black Man

Though police in Philadelphia refused to identify the race of a suspect in the spray-paint vandalism featuring pro-Trump and pro-Nazi slogans on a local building, surveillance video appears to show a black man is the top suspect.

#4: UL Student Busted for Lying About Racial Attack

The story of a University of Louisiana Lafayette student who said she was beaten and had her Muslim headscarf pulled of her head by mean “wearing Trump hats” fell apart after police became involved. The student later admitted she lied about the whole thing.

#5: Blacks Claim They Beat A Man for Flaunting His Vote for Trump

A group of black teens beat a white man and stole his car in Chicago because they claimed he was flaunting his vote for Donald Trump. Police investigated and found the man had no Trump paraphernalia or bumper stickers and he made no mention of Trump during the attack.

#6: SPLC ‘Report’ Portrays Many Fake Hate Crime Incidents as Real

The Southern Poverty Law Center are experts at fake hate crimes. Not because they report on them but because some of what they report is fake in and of itself! Indeed, just after the election the SPLC put out an absurd report regurgitating a list of crimes it claimed were hate crimes many of which were later proven to be hoaxes.

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