Top 10 Products for the Beginning Prepper


More than three years ago, my husband and I realized that the downturn of our nation’s economy was beyond the normal up and down that we’ve been used to. When we saw hard-working people lose jobs and homes, we realized it was better to be proactive than to sit and wait for the worst to happen to us.

Some of the products that every prepper should own, and that we own and use, are:

1. At least two ways to purify water if the power goes out. I use the SteriPENwith batteries and also own the hand-crank version. Another effective method to purify water is calcium hypochlorite. I recommend Cal-Shock 65, and you can download directions for using this here.

2. At least two ways to cook food in a power down situation. I’ve used the Sun Oven for years (visit the official website here) and own the Stove-Tec Rocket Stove. The new Eco-Zoom stove is another version of a highly effective, fuel-efficient stove that weighs less than the Stove-Tec. If the prices of energy skyrocket, and it looks as though that may happen in the near future, it will be a blessing to have alternative ways to cook food without cranking up the gas or electric range.

3. Basic bulk ingredients with long shelf lives are a must. Wheat, rice, and beans are versatile, when you add a variety of spices, herbs, and other ingredients and will last for decades. There are food shortages around the world, and it’s likely we’ll experience either shortages, much higher prices, or both in the future. If you’re afraid of wheat, and who among us hasn’t been??, read this and this, and if you’re looking for creative recipes using these basic ingredients check out my Macho Mexican Rice and Rice and Beans with a Bam!

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