Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans



#10 – Bitterly clinging to taxes and abortion

The Democrats never met a tax they didn’t love: you didn’t build that, and even if you did, it really belongs to those wise, benevolent Beltway dons.

And abortion? The Democrats love, love, love abortion! Though a supposed complex issue, a baby is always disposable for the sake of a selfish feminist.

Sure that child may grow up to be a future Democrat, but who needs the bother when the Dems can merely grant millions of illegals amnesty and bribe them with truck-loads of entitlements to vote for the donkey?

#9 – We didn’t destroy your freedoms; you can visit them at the Smithsonian!

Freedom of speech? Freedom to bear arms? Freedom of religion? Those were great for the founders, but now that we’re enlightened, it’s really more evolved to hand over your freedoms to those magnificent, enlightened bureaucrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Hank Johnson.

Like children with too much free time, Americans just make bad choices and get themselves into such trouble when afforded so many unnecessary freedoms!

#8 – If you want us to listen to your opinion, move to Europe!

After all, haven’t you figured out you are a GLOBAL citizen? And Europeans are so much more sophisticated! We don’t need no stinkin’ Declaration of Independence — we need more French haut couture and haut wisdom.

#7 – Some day none of this will be yours!

Those enlightened elitists in the DC Beltway understand better than you that you did not build that and really want to donate it to the state. Why should you mere fly-over citizens be burdened with the headaches of private ownership?

Relax! Take a siesta with the millions of new amnesty recipients and let The State take care of you!

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