Too Many Have Forgotten What 9-11 Means


A lot of people, including many conservatives, often look at the worst tragedy to ever befall our country, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, as a reality TV show. A lot of people just do not understand what really happened and what happened to us that day. A lot of discord has since occurred because of the misunderstanding. But had one been in Arlington Virginia, at work, that day or at any other part of the DC area one would have experienced reality on a scale that nothing could ever compare to.

It is surreal to look back on it now. The sky over DC and the Beltway was as clear and beautiful as anyone had ever seen it. A late summer morning that held a hint of autumn, just whispering in the breeze with the slight change of color of the maples. It would have been a day to remember just for the beautiful morning. But that was not to be.

Now when people look back on 9-11 it is as if those who weren’t there, who watched in horror the images playing over FOX News, and the rest of the media, forgot the horror, the fear, and the rage. Those of us who ran for our lives, out of confusion and the urge to survive can’t forget it. When we have people asking what happened to tower 7, or making light of the tragedy by creating an alternate universe of conspiracy theories it becomes an insult.

Not only do we have people who look on 9-11 as something they watched on TV like Project Runway, but we have truly horrible people attacking our own government and basically saying the government did 9-11 and denying the facts. I look at this all and shake my head. I know what happened. I with my work colleagues raced for our lives to a safe place far away from Arlington. That Saturday my friends and I went to the hill where we could see the hole in the Pentagon. I talked to Pentagon survivors. I met with victims’ families. The ideas thrown out there by what are now referred to as TRUTHERS are not only hurtful to the victims, and veterans of the wars fought because of 9-11, they are insulting to the witness’ of 9-11.

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