Tom Graves and the New Republican Blood


Representative Tom Graves cuts an impressive figure as a small town suburban/rural Congressman. He is handsome, charismatic, thoughtful and obviously intelligent. His story is equally as impressive with a local, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps narrative, spoken in a gracious “aw shucks” kind of way. To say that I am a fan of Tom Graves is putting it lightly – I have watched his recent legislative career with a mixture of awe and admiration. It is not often you watch a politician do exactly what he says he will do, and to be able to say “That’s MY Congressman,” has been a special experience.

Congressman Graves is a constitutional conservative who extols the virtues of liberty and battles each day in the halls of Congress to preserve every American’s freedom. For his trouble he has been called a “hobbit,” a “whacko bird” and other pejoratives…by Republicans. The ire directed at him from Democrats has been even more colorful. But through it all, Congressman Graves has voted his conscience and not been swayed to water down his core principles.

On Tuesday August 20th, Representative Graves held a town hall meeting in Cedartown, GA that I had the pleasure of attending. Also there were a few dozen concerned residents of Polk, Haralson, and Paulding Counties, as well as State Senator Bill Heath and several other local political activists.

Congressman Graves spoke passionately about the importance of entrepreneurship in our nation; he spoke from experience as his own background is in entrepreneurship. The recession and the destructive policies of the Obama administration have led to an ebb in the American entrepreneurial spirit, and if we hope to see our economy at full speed again we need “to rekindle American entrepreneurship.” Risk is inevitable when starting a small business, but with the added uncertainty brought about by Obamacare and too many government regulations, this is literally the worst time in American history to start a small business. Our best and brightest entrepreneurs are unwilling to take on the extra risk created by government, so our economic outlook remains stagnant… even though we are three years into our “recovery.”

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