Today a young Nelson Mandela would have been sent to Guantanamo, and rightfully so.


First off, let me say that I have great respect for Mr. Mandela and how he spent his life after he got out of prison.

But unlike the sychophants on the news and President Obama I will not deify him as the greatest human being ever or this fictionalized man of peace who never did wrong in his life.

The fact of the matter is that for most of his life Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Not a Muslim terrorist but rather a radical communist terrorist. So an equivalent of Guantanamo Bay is most likely where he would end up today. The world does not tolerate terrorists as much today as they did in Mandela’s youth.

I’m willing to forgive the man for his communist leanings, he is free to have those, I mean Trotsky wasn’t as bad a guy compared to Stalin and that’s probably what got him killed by Stalin. But Mandela WAS a communist in 1962 when he published a booklet entitled, “How to be a Good Communist”.

But it is the racial violence and acts of terrorism that Mandela supported in his youth that make me temper any adulation I give him now that he is gone.

First of all, let’s straighten out the misconceptions of why Mandela was in jail. While the media loves to gloss over the real reasons and say it was simply because of his political beliefs that is just false.

His political beliefs did get him brought up on quasi trumped up charges of treason, yet after a 4 year trial he was ACQUITTED in 1961.

A few years later though, in 1964, he was charged and sentenced to starting an armed insurrection.

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