To Add Insult to Tragedy, a Holocaust Memorial is Under Fire


Six million Jewish people were slaughtered by the Nazis in what has come to be known as the Holocaust. I think that the Jews have earned the right to have the Star of David adorn any monument in their honor, but there is a group of Wisconsin atheists who don’t share my opinion. The group is expressing opposition to the monument that is soon to be erected on the Ohio state house grounds. They are justifying their oppositions to this monument by implying that the state shouldn’t highlight any particular religions. I believe the spokesperson’s exact words were, “The Star of David is a religious symbol that is exclusionary.”

Of course it’s exclusionary! The Jews were the only group of six million people who were murdered during the Holocaust. I’m pretty sure that every other people group and religion is relieved that its symbol cannot be used in a memorial that is meant to honor the victims of genocide. Can we shut down the crazy just for a few moments in order to remember one of the most tragic displays of corruption that this world has ever seen?

I’m nota Buddhist, but if, hypothetically speaking, the U.S. wanted to erect a monument in honor of the millions of Sri Lankans who were victims of genocide, I wouldn’t fight it. I would think, “How devastatingly sad that all of those people died without knowing Jesus. How horrible to think that they lost their lives while placing their faith in a man-made idol.” It isn’t my place to fight a monument. It is my place to try and teach truth. If atheists want to misguidedly believe that there is no God, then that is their right as Americans. They can preach their beliefs to their hearts content, but leave the monuments to mass murdered people groups out of the picture.

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