No Time To Visit The Border – Obama Heads To Martha’s Vineyard For Another Vacation


by Ruthie Thompson

Right smack in the middle of a border crisis, President Obama will flee the White House and head on over to Martha’s Vineyard for another family vacation. Martha’s Vineyard seems to be a popular vacation spot for the Obama family as they have vacationed there every year of his presidency, except of course in 2012. Remember that in 2012, Obama was up for reelection, pleading to struggling American families as to why he needed another 4 years to “fix the mess” left to him by “Bush.” He couldn’t very well stop the blame- Bush dialog and head off for another lavish vacation, especially since he was pointing his finger at the out of touch, “rich” white man, Mitt Romney.

Over the past week, Obama has taken criticism from both parties for not taking a trip to the border and seeing first-hand the crisis regarding the influx of illegal’s crossing in to our country. After all, he was right there in Texas, taking the time for fundraising events which seem to have taken precedent over his solemn duty to protect not only the American people, but our borders as well. He just couldn’t take the time, claiming that, “There’s nothing that is taking place down there that I am not intimately aware of and briefed on.”

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