Time to Speak up as ISIS Executes More Christians


More Christians are being executed by ISIS and yet the world does not intervene. And the government of the United States of America does not speak up. But what about you? What about the church?

We must speak up, we must pray for our brothers and sisters, and we must act.

Mat Staver: Matt, ISIS operatives have now executed two groups of prisoners believed to be Ethiopian Christians in Libya. According to a recent video that has been released by the terror network’s so-called media arm.

The Ethiopian government has confirmed that thirty of its citizens were among the two groups according to the Ethiopian news agency.  The Al-Furqan video is highly produced and entitled “Until there came to them clear evidence.” That’s the title of this video. It shows two groups of men, one in orange jump suits, and the other in black, being killed at different locations in Libya, according to the person on the video who is narrating this.
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