It’s Time for Mandatory Drug Testing in Washington DC


In the military one of the great privileges we got to experience was called the “golden Flow’’, or for you civilians, no-notice drug testing. When I became a commander I learned that you could request testing on anyone suspected of using recreational drugs. In light of recent and past comments made by our elected public servants, I think that it is time as their employer to DEMAND mandatory drug testing. This would not only be for the President, Congress, and all elected officials, but for the appointed staffs, Judicial and the media as well.

The president should be first on the list because of his desire to be in the midst of the entertainment crowd, his poor decision making as a head of state, and his unending comments and actions in defense of terrorists and Islamic extremism. His PC claim that Islam is a peaceful religion should be enough, but he also claimed that the Islamic State In Syria (ISIS) is not Islamic, that ISIS is not a threat, but the JV, “That Islam embodied a religion of peace, fairness and tolerance.”   Even the Whitehouse Spokesman and State Department, refuse to state the obvious and use the term Islamic extremism. Instead they call them one of many types of extremists, foreign fighters, an armed insurgency or freedom fighters. Yet Boko Harem, in the name of Islam, is killing Africans by the thousands and Islamic militants are beheading, burning, raping, torturing and executing people. The president states this behavior is similar to the crusades, and fanatic Christians. Muslims hang and murder homosexuals, but that’s not as important to our government as a baker that won’t bake a cake for gays. So with that said, TEST THEM!
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