Time for House GOP to Pull Out All the Stops for Iran Deal


Republicans in Congress keep telling the American people and the world that the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran is a disaster. Representative Ed Royce Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said, “this isn’t just a bad deal, it’s a disastrous deal. It’s a disaster for the United States. It’s a disaster for our allies and friends in the region, including Israel… We got permanent sanctions relief for the Iranian regime- relief that’s going to go into their military.”

So what do they do about it? Other than cede the Senates advise and consent role nothing. According to the AP “ Senate Democrats voted on Thursday to uphold the Accord with Iran overcoming heavy GOP opposition to hand Obama a victory on his top foreign policy priority. A disapproval resolution for the agreement fell two votes short of the 60 needed to move forward as most Democratic and Independent Senators banded together against it.” Seriously Republicans? When the President wasn’t getting enough of his judges through the Senate Harry Reid got rid of the filibuster and slammed them through. You won’t do the same to get a no vote on what you consider an existential threat? Pathetic. Better yet bust the filibuster and pass a resolution declaring the deal a treaty and put it up to a vote and show the American people you are on their side. Then when the President tries to enforce the deal you voted against you sue him for abridging your Constitutional prerogative.
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