The Time Has Come: Rise of the P.I.N.O. Politician


by Luke Hamilton

It is early days, yet the prognosis for the 2014 mid-term election looks promising. The mid-term is always tough on the party in the White House, but this year is shaping up to be especially punishing. A confluence of issues is coagulating into a creamy cup of crap for incumbent statists. Issues like Obamacare, the obfuscation of personal privacy by Big Brother, the pathetic job market, our bumbling of international diplomacy over Ukraine, the pathetic housing market, various IRS scandals, even Benghazi are all coalescing into an albatross which should rightfully hang from the necks of the Big Government progressives in office today. Even school kids are beginning to turn on the MTV President, starting a Twitter trend by posting pictures of their pathetic school lunches with thank-you letters to Michelle Obama.

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