This State Can Now Confiscate Legally Owned Guns


A new California law set to take hold at the start of the new year, will allow police to confiscate legally-owned firearms for several weeks without any dues process for the owner.

Under the law, a judge has the power to grant a restraining order telling police to seize a person’s guns, based solely on accounts from family members or police that the person is poses an imminent danger to others. The restraining order can be granted without the affected person knowing it exists or being allowed time to contest it.

Anybody who has ever had to deal with Child Protective Services (CPS) knows what kind of slippery slope is being engaged here. I’ve known many people who have had CPS contacted by anonymous callers reporting them for bogus charges. When that happens, the family has to be visited and interviewed, an investigation is conducted which could take several weeks, and the anonymous caller faces zero implications for making the false threat.

Now an angry, possibly violent, ex-husband can call on his wife and remove her last hope for self protection against his vile behavior. Just a reminder that in Los Angeles, CA, the average police response time to a 911 call is 6.35 minutes… (2014)

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