This One Thing May be Biggest Threat to America’s Free Republic


Perhaps the greatest threat today to America’s democratic republic is the immigration into the country of so many intolerant, freedom-hating people who promise to do everything within their power to overthrow that republic.

As a body of law that is not Islamically guided, the US Constitution is considered to be jahiliyya by Islam and, as such, must be targeted for destruction by the devout Muslims coming here.  The entire point of the jihad is to displace non-Islamic law with Islamic law, and there are four kinds of jihad that are used to accomplish this task:

  • 1) the jihad of money;
  • 2) the jihad of speech;
  • 3) the jihad of writing; and
  • 4) the jihad of murder.

The Grand Jihad—the big-picture Project of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the West can be Read here.)

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