This Is What Happens When The GOP Only Caters to Hispanics


Here’s a question. Why is it so hard for elected officials to understand that Americans don’t want illegal immigrants to enter our country? Americans also don’t want any type of amnesty, either.

Donald Trump has become wildly popular, as misguided and mind-boggling as it may be, because he has recognized his business strategy. As a business man first, Trump has been able to see where the “Art of the Deal” will give him the top edge over his competitors. He uses the same tactic as he would scoring a building in downtown Manhattan.

Illegal immigration and our unsecured borders is an issue that many Americans are fed up with. Trump is shouting their language and, to his calculations, it’s working. Establishment Republicans have been so egregious in regards to our national security as well as spewing lies and empty promises, citizens are frothing at the mouth for their voices to be heard.

One issue that has been tossed out into the lions’ ring, is ending birthright citizenship. The deal is plain and simple: illegal immigrants children should not be given citizenship. That is reserved for citizens of our great nation, not for freeloading crooks who came here to suck off of our system.
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