This guy fences his house…but doesn’t think we should fence our country


Republicans have been promising that if they are elected they will deal with things like a border fence and deficit spending and debt. They have been in control of the House since 2010 and the Senate since earlier this year and have failed to stop spending and failed to fund the border fence they promised.

In the latest sellout of the American people (brought to you by House Speaker Paul Ryan), whom Breitbart is reporting has fenced in his entire estate which houses a $421,000 5,786 six-bedroom mansion.

The problem is that Ryan has been hailed as “conservative,” whatever that means nowadays, and has claimed to be brilliant with math and numbers and spoken out against deficit spending and debt. Yet, he gave everything Barack Obama wanted in the $1 trillion omnibus bill I wrote about on Thursday, except he didn’t fulfill any funding for that southern border wall he and other Republicans politicized after the invasion of Central Americans in 2014.


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