This Candidate Raised More Individual Money than Jeb Bush


With several quality candidates to choose from, conservatives are looking at electability more seriously in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. Because this time it’s not one or two potentially good candidates versus the establishment, but a fleet of them.

That’s why looking at who’s gaining traction early on could be a key vetting tool when considering which conservative candidate to coalesce behind. And a good gauge of that traction are the most recent fundraising numbers that were just announced on Wednesday:

1. Jeb Bush

Yes, the ultimate establishment progressive did raise over $103 million, but in terms of direct contributions to his campaign he was not the fundraising winner.

2. Ted Cruz

Cruz actually raised the most individual money of any Republican this quarter at $14.3. Along with his SuperPAC contributions his $52.3 million puts him behind only Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.
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