This Republican Candidate Gains Endorsement from Black Civil Rights Group


The Reverend Bill Owens is the founder and President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) and has been a long-time leader in the black community.

For years, he has fought hard against the genocide of abortion, noting that it has caused catastrophic damage within our nation’s black community. More recently, he and his organization have been outspoken critics of the left’s attempts to turn back the gay lobby’s fascist attacks on our religious liberty.

Reverend Owens has denounced the attempt to pain gay marriage as a new front in the civil rights movement, telling Breitbart News, “I marched with many people back in those days and I have reached out to some of my friends who marched with me, and all of them are shocked. They never thought they would see this day that gay rights would be equated with civil rights. Not one agreed with this comparison.”

For his activism and his support of conservative candidates and causes, Owens has been viciously attacked and cruelly savaged by the Left. Thankfully, Owens has a thick skin, and he proved that again this past week when he announced that he was officially endorsing Senator Ted Cruz


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