Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America


by Joe Wurzelbacher

Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America

Every generation has at least a few things they just can’t believe have happened during their lifetime in their beloved America – and it’s disturbing to the multitude of folks who worked hard to make their children’s lives better and more prosperous than their own. That was the goal for so long, to leave a place with the same liberty and opportunities, but have your family in a position to better take advantage of what America had to offer. But in between working, attending school meetings, services and the occasional barbecue and vacation – things happen that you just never thought would.

Just seven or eight years ago, if I would have told you this country would be running consistent deficits of a trillion dollars per year and we’d have a total debt of over $17 trillion, you’d shrug it off as an alarmist trying to get attention, raise money or votes. I know this because there were plenty of people making just such a forecast and they were condemned as naysayers, or worse – flat-earth, Chicken Little wing-nuts. Well, guess what Nostradamus breath? Add to that $90 trillion in unfunded mandates we’ve managed to vote in, and it’s impossible to wrap your mind around it.

Barack Obama and his Democrat majorities have raided the treasury and printed and borrowed this country into debt we can’t get out of. Period. That was the goal and they hit it (they still have 2/3rds of government folks, and most of the time, with Boehner & Co., they have the other third as well).

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