There is No War on Science Even if National Geographic Says There Is


There was the war to end all wars (that gave us more wars); the war on poverty (that gave us more poverty); the war on women; and now National Geographic magazine is pushing “the war on science” narrative.

The March 2015 issue of National Geographic published the article “The Age of Disbelief” that states the following: “Skepticism of science is on the rise, and polarization is the order of the day. What’s causing reasonable people to doubt reason?”

Is science being thrown under the bus when one group of scientists disputes the conclusions of another group of scientists?

At one time it was unreasonable to reason that the earth and not the sun moved. The scientists who believed the earth did not move did not deny science. They weren’t being unreasonable. Their everyday experience gave every indication that the sun was moving. The dispute with Galileo was over the science behind his claim (and that of Copernicus and others before him) and not the field of science.

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