There Are no Gay People, ‘Queers,’ or Transgenders


Definitions are everything in a debate. Controlling the language is crucial. People who engage in sex with people of the same sex are masters at manipulating the language to their advantage. It’s taken them time to chisel “gayness” as a state of being in granite, and they’ve nearly accomplished the task. They have people believing that “being gay” is identical to being male or female. In their world there are males, females, gays, and any number of other manufactured sexual identities.

And if a person is actually a male (Bruce Jenner) who identifies as a female, and a female (Chastity Bono) who identifies as a male, the public will be forced to accept what is not true, and anybody who claims otherwise will be charged with the ever-evolving “hate speech” accusation, another manufactured social taboo and soon to be a crime.

The editor of Huffington Post’s Gay Voices, Michelangelo Signorile, “is calling for the media to be intolerant ‘of all forms’ of ‘bigotry against LGBT people.’ And by bigotry, he means anything less than celebration. . . . His reasoning? Well, from time to time conservative and Christian pundits are given air time on the major networks. That’s right, Signorile protests at the very notion that someone who disagrees with his lifestyle is allowed to speak in public.”

In reality, people who self-identify as “gay” are really sexual choosers.
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