The Zimmerman Trial Means…. NOTHING


The Trial of George Zimmerman IS NOT IMPORTANT! It should only matter to family and friends of both Zimmerman and Martin, and this case SHOULD have very little importance to how America operates. However while the case is un-important, it has highlighted some very important issues:


Firstly, why was the media so involved in covering this case every hour of every day? Why was this murder so special? Depending on your source there are around 12,000 murders in America every year. – What made this one so special?

Will the media cover the trials of the terrorists who murdered innocent Americans in Boston and the terrorist who committed mass murder in Fort Hood?

Will the media mention Islam when talking about the terrorists as many times as they mention race when talking about Trayvon Martin?

Also America has so many problems right now – Is this murder case more important than ANY of the following:

Immigration Reform

Student loan program


Near $17 TRILLION Debt

7.5% Unemployment Rate

$3.25 + Gallon of gas

Looming Debt Ceiling debate

Social Security


Total Unfunded Liabilities of $124 Trillion

Any of the scandals still engulfing Washington all the way back to Fast & Furious?

Is the media covering and analysing this case because people wanted to know or were they purely covering it to give Liberals and Barack Obama a break from the news cycle? Or was there another reason?


The Zimmerman trial again highlights how weak the Republicans are and should be remembered as another wasted opportunity. There is a rotten decay in this Republican Party which not only does not know who or what they represent; nor the true power and opportunity freedom and liberty presents. They also proved they cannot handle any form of class warfare and constantly play defense. Defense might win championships in NFL, but it gets you killed in politics – ONLY WAY TO WIN is offense. The Zimmerman case provided two great opportunities:

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