If you think that the politicians who now run our government are bad, how about a system with leaders chosen by people too lazy even to register to vote?

That’s the goal of leftist groups that are pushing “automatic registration” while opposing common-sense election safeguards like photo voter ID laws and citizenship requirements.

The process got going in 1993, when Bill Clinton signed his first piece of legislation, the National Voter Registration Act, better known as Motor Voter. That law mandates ease of registry to vote at state departments of motor vehicles and other government agencies, such as welfare offices. But people still have to bother to sign up.

Automatic registration, otherwise known as “universal registration” was adopted in March in Oregon, where Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and the Democratic-led legislature approved the nation’s first “opt-out” registration system. On the heels of that victory, progressives in 17 states and the District of Columbia, plus both houses of Congress, introduced similar bills. In June, Hillary Clinton floated the idea of automatically registering all 18-year-olds.
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