The United Nations Against America


To a casual observer or a reader of the mainstream media’s representations of reality, the UN is a wonderful master stroke of balance, harmony and objective reality.

A simple examination of the makeup of its committees and a quick read of its decisions however, show the unbelievable bias of the “august” body. It is controlled by Muslim interests, funds Muslim domination, and does it all with American dollars. Any support of the UN is support for the demise of western civilization and the values that made us great.

We are indeed paying for our own slow, “progressive” suicide. If you dare to point that out, you will be labeled, marginalized, and rendered as something akin to an insane, babbling fool, not to be taken seriously.

The difficulty for us all is in coming to the base realization that the outworking of socialist/Marxist thought is the loss of freedom, dignity and truth. Believing the lies of the marxist/Muslims (the two are working hand-in-hand) is to buy into the death of our Republic and the solid, Bible-based support of goodness.
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