The Unborn Can’t Protest


Throughout my life, I have been appalled that my country condones the murder of its youngest citizens. Over the years, I have wondered what I, one person, could do to effect change in the abortion issue. It seems that the country who proclaims equality and rights for all has still not achieved this vision for every citizen.

Women and African-Americans scored their victories in time. Homosexuals are scoring their victory state by state. However, our tiniest, most vulnerable Americans are still denied their equality and rights because they have no voice. They are, from conception, alive and unique—unlike any other before or after them. They are not their mother’s body, but a separate being with their own DNA. The life process if unchecked moves forward for all, until we exit from the womb. Yet, in their case, the life process is denied in the name of a woman’s “right to choose.” When did choosing to murder a living human being become a right?

Outside the womb, that same choice is considered murder and punishable. Why is the location of the living being the qualifier for denying that citizen his/her rights? Of course, to any person with a logical brain, it’s mind-boggling that we deny the right to life to unborn citizens because they happen to reside inside a woman’s body temporarily. To those who extoll the “right to choose,” there is a denial about reality that makes it acceptable to discriminate against the unborn. Similarly, there was a denial of reality that led to the discrimination against African-Americans and women. They weren’t equal human beings to those making the laws. Those in control have the power to deny God given rights to any group of people they deem not important and not equal.

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