The Term “Hate Crime” Is a Joke — Crime is Crime, Period!


I’m physically and mentally exhausted. This past week has been full of long, painful, and pointless debates. I have spent many hours on the social media sites debating issue after issue with individuals that have views other than my own. For instance, initially I had promised myself that I would stay out of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin discussions after the verdict. I managed to stay quiet for a while but I was eventually sucked in by the ridiculous statements, calls to violence, and the many other memes that I saw. I wish I could have applied the principles from the article I read here about not arguing with idiots, but I got sucked in.

So here we are, I’m about six friends lighter on Facebook due to their inability to intelligently debate a topic that we didn’t agree on. One point that came up often that I wanted to briefly discuss is the term “hate crime”. I believe that the term “hate crime” is one of the most ridiculous terms that has ever been created into law. It is a term that unfairly categorizes anyone that is not addressed by a racial slur or otherwise demeaning term as “less important”. For instance, let’s examine fictitious cases 1 and 2 below.

Case 1 (Latino on Latino crime):
Papo is pissed off because Juan is dating his ex girlfriend Adelia. One day Papo bumps into Juan and asks him, “Juan is it true that you hooked up with my girl Adelia”. Juan says “Yeah, man, you guys have been through for about five years. Also, it’s not like you and I were ever friends”.

Papo becomes furious, he takes out a gun and shoots Juan point blank in the head. He says “You are right, we are not friends so I don’t feel too bad putting a bullet between your eyes, Juan. I’ll see you in hell.”

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