The Story of Catherine Englebrecht: Is This the Land of the Free?


Let’s face it—politically inspired abuse of citizens by the IRS is nothing new. We all know that Richard Nixon did it and so did Bill Clinton. Members of Congress see it as their right.

Now we’re told—with a straight face—that a few rogue agents got carried away. Meanwhile, those agents swear that Washington told them to do it.

Let’s ask Catherine Englebrecht, a wife, mother and small business owner from Houston. Worried about the nation she loves she also started two groups, “True the Vote” and “King Street Patriots” and dutifully filed her papers with the IRS.

Boom–she became an enemy of the state. Obama’s state.

She got all the same hassles and delays and intrusive questions that many others have written about. But then it got worse—much worse.

She was audited by the IRS. Then her husband was audited, then their business—a small engineering firm. They had never been audited before.

Then the FBI showed up and started asking questions about who attended their meetings. They came back four more times with more questions. The Englebrecht’s starting worrying but still refused to believe that this could happen here.

Then the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showed up for a surprise audit of their engineering firm. Then they came back for another audit. OSHA also came calling in a surprise visit with audit papers.

Just for good measure—and to make sure she got the message—the EPA then arrived for one more surprise audit.

How in the world did the federal government in all it’s power, focus on one law-abiding citizen who had never before received any attention at all?

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