The “Slave Wage” Scandal Linked to Hillary


Cheryl D. Mills, long-time friend and confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, is promoting a 23 cents-an-hour wage in the West African nation of Ghana to lure textile and apparel industry companies to invest there even as the former secretary of state advocates a $15-an-hour “livable wage” here decrying the loss of American manufacturing jobs to overseas competitors who pay much lower wages.


Textile jobs in American plants have plummeted by nearly two thirds, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture with at least 900,000 jobs lost in the American textile industry, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service.

Raynard Jackson, a black Republican political strategist who also has promoted business investment in Africa, told TheDCNF that he was “stunned,” by Mills’s low-wage promotion.

“Nobody I have done work with in Africa doing business there has ever used as a ‘strategic advantage’ a 23 cent an hour minimum wage. That’s slave labor,” he said.

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