The Republican Party Needs to Become a Revolutionary Party Once Again


The Democratic Party acts like it’s in power even when it’s out of power, while the Republican Party acts like it’s out of power even when it’s in power.

Even though America has been governed by Republicans more than by Democrats, the second half of the 20th century was one long string of cultural and legal victories for liberalism.

The Republican Party not only failed to roll back liberal cultural and political victories, but was complicit in perpetuating them. If history is any predictor of the future, even after Obama a Republican successor will accept his policies and incorporate them into a bipartisan consensus.

It has happened before and it will happen again.

A complacent Republican Party always willing to compromise to show its good faith is the secret behind the liberal takeover of America.

Conservatism is naturally focused on conserving and preserving, fighting in defense of the way things are. But the situation has degraded too far for the status quo to be worth defending. The status quo being conserved is the one that was crafted as part of a liberal culture war against America.

To actually make a difference, the Republican Party needs to leave behind that old Roman named Status Quo and become a revolutionary party once again.

The birth of the Republican Party took place against the background of a corrupt Democratic Party that bound together international businessmen, urban political machines and plantation owners into an oligarchy meant to crush individual freedom.

In contrast to the urban sweatshops and rural plantations, the corrupt political machines and their gangs of thugs, the Republican Party embraced a message that was both conservative, echoing back to the American Revolution, and revolutionary in concept; Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men.

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