The Real Reason Why All Of Washington Is Out Of Touch: The “Money-Empathy Gap”


A specter is haunting America. It is rooted in something called the “Money-Empathy Gap.”

This gap besets the left as well as the right. It besets Democrats (with the exception of Bernie Sanders) as well as Republicans.

The most dramatic recent manifestation of that gap was the GOP Presidential Debate. That proved to be only a low form of political theater (which caused me, literally, to drowse off repeatedly).  It was a spectacle that never made a spectacular point.

Few of the main stage debaters spoke much, fewer spoke either with specificity or authenticity, about what’s really on the voters’ mind. We are beset by mediocre economic growth.  The economic doldrums, and worse, has persisted under presidencies of both parties, over 15 years. Voter prosperity has plunged dramatically below trend-line. Belt-tightening persists to this day.
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