The Real “Gun Nuts” are Anti-Gun Liberals


There must be something in the water liberals drink that scrambles their brains; something that renders them incapable of simple logic and common sense. Nowhere is the mushy-headed thinking of liberals more apparent than in the on-going debate over guns. For example, one of the favorite strategies of liberals who get worked up over gun violence is to establish so-called gun-free zones. It never seems to occur to anti-gun liberals that gun-free zones are just free-fire zones for criminals who pay no attention to a community’s laws. All a gun-free zone ever turns out to be in practical terms is an area in which criminals have guns and law-abiding citizens don’t. The statistics on gun violence in so-called gun-free zones bear this out.

In his new book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, Governor Mike Huckabee makes a good point about the anti-gun crowd. He writes: “It still catches me off guard when I have a conversation with an adult who has never owned a firearm, never fired one, and yet who speaks so passionately against them. How does this staggering lack of knowledge result in such an abundance of opinion?” Huckabee goes on to make the obvious point that it is those who use guns for nefarious purposes who are responsible for gun violence in America—not the guns themselves and not law-abiding citizens who own guns and use them safely. He gives several examples of how illogical it is for liberals to blame guns or gun ownership by law-abiding citizens for gun violence.

Huckabee points out that scissors can be used as a deadly weapon, but liberals don’t lobby to out-law scissors. He also points out the obvious about cars and water. Cars can provide convenient transportation for those who obey the rules of the road but a car can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a drunk driver. Water can be used for many positive purposes, but it can also be used to drown people. Applying the “logic” liberals apply to guns, they should be lobbying for car-free and water-free zones. The same could be said for airplanes and many other things. So why do liberals become so worked up over guns. I think the answer to this question is that they don’t know anything about guns and are, therefore, illogically afraid of them.

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