The Power to Take a Human Life


As the abortion debate heats up again, many of us are left scratching our heads as to why those on the pro-Choice side seem to have missed an important development in the field of reproductive health. Somehow they missed the invention of birth control. Due to these advances in science, a woman can go her entire life, as I have, and never be pregnant unless she wants to be. Birth control keeps the doctor AND the government out of your uterus! It’s relatively inexpensive, very effective when used properly, easily obtained, and has minimal side effects…certainly less side effects than the violent and invasive procedure of abortion.

Yet, it’s like those on the pro-Choice side have never heard of birth control…ever…in their lives. They appear to think women only have two choices: abstinence or abortion! Were they chanting and raising their fists for education, birth control, and personal responsibility, with abortion reserved for women who were truly victims…those who became pregnant through rape or incest, or women endangered by their pregnancy…they might have me. As it stands, they want it FREE, on demand, and for any reason without apology.

I’m fairly sure the reason the whole birth control piece is absent from the debate is because the pro-Choice crowd wants it that way. The right they are fighting for isn’t really the right to choose, it’s the right to be irresponsible. Let’s face it, that is exactly what the abortion fight is about. Using birth control doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get pregnant. We all realize that. However, it sure ups the odds that you won’t. However, when you see protestors holding signs that say, “Hoes Before Embryos,” the message conveyed is that birth control isn’t of interest. The message is, “I want to have irresponsible, unprotected sex and if I get pregnant, I want to be able to rid myself of that embryo.” That’s the kind of mindset that makes it possible to murder millions of American children every year.

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