The People are Pissed over ‘Big Brother’ Government


Americans now know Big Brother is collecting and storing their phone records and to be blunt, people are pissed off. If you make or take a call, big bro knows phone numbers, where the call was placed from and to, and the duration. This program seems to be a bit overreaching when one looks at the Fourth Amendment but the SCOTUS disagrees.

PRISM is a secret NSA program in which data such as email, photos, audio, documents, Internet searches along with a plethora of other intelligence from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, along with several other companies is collected. American citizens are being told this data is only being collected from foreigners and only retrieved with a warrant from a judge.

So what is all the indignation about? Put simply, TRUST!

The Federal Government that has brought us Fast & Furious, Benghazi, investigations of our press (AP and Rosen), NLRB appointees that were ruled un-Constitutional, a healthcare system that is going to lower premiums and if we like our doctor we can keep our doctor, a refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation, whispers to Russian Premiers, bowing to Saudi Kings, enormous handouts to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an Attorney General that openly states his desire to brainwash children but doesn’t know a damned thing about anything when asked by the oversight committee, a State Department covers up of Ambassadors hiring prostitutes, an IRS that targets people based on their political beliefs and a Director of National Intelligence that tells us that he lies to Congress in the “least untruthful manner.”

The President, Mike Rogers, Peter King, Diane Feinstein and others have the audacity to ask America to trust them? People would more likely trust the whore the Ambassador has been banging.

Conservative pundits have rightfully been working to tamp down the public’s embrace of the whistle-blower, while Big Government delivered their talking points to talking heads that regurgitated on any show that would have them.

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