Are The Peaceful Majority Of Muslims Irrelevant?


In a panel discussion earlier this year, Brigitte Gabriel from Act for America fielded a question from a Muslim woman in the audience who protested that all Muslims and Islam are portrayed as bad, but she wanted to know, “How can we fight an ideological war with weapons if you don’t address it ideologically?”

Saba Ahmed, a young Muslim woman who attends a US law school, seemed to inflate the numbers of Muslims worldwide and especially here in the US (nearly doubling their numbers). However, she was respectful in her question and dealing with Islam to those that will listen ideologically is important. It’s one of the fronts that we must engage in and, as Pieder Beeli has pointed out, we should start with the question of whether Mohammed was a terrorist or not. Once that is answered, and it will be answered in the affirmative, then anyone that still wants to adhere to Islam is knowingly embracing the terrorist ideology found in the Koran.

However, seeing that Ms. Ahmed brought the subject up, Gabriel elaborated on her answer.

“There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today,” she began. “Of course, not all of them are radicals. A majority of them are peaceful people.”

What Brigitte Gabriel refers to as “radicals,” this author refers to as Muslims. They are the ones that follow the teachings of Mohammed.

Of those that follow those teachings, Gabriel points out that their numbers are estimated to be between 15-25 percent of those 1.2 billion Muslims, according to intelligence sources around the world. That makes those that believe in jihad against the infidels, the destruction of Western civilization and taking over the world to be roughly 180 to 300 million people.

“That (the numbers of true Islamists) is as big as the United States,” thundered Gabriel. “So why should we worry about the ‘radicals,’ the 15-25 percent? Because it is the ‘radicals’ that kill. Because it is the ‘radicals’ that behead and massacre.”

“When you look throughout history… most Germans were peaceful,” she continued. “Yet, the Nazis drove the agenda, and as a result 60 million were killed (in World War II). Almost 14 million in concentration camps, six million were Jews. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”

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