The Parasitic Blight on Civilization


Across history there have always been those who built and contributed to the rise of civilizations and empires; the managers and motivators, the explorers and pioneers, the laborers and the workers. But there have always been a group of people who were takers and not contributors, a group who leeched off the work and avails of others. They are insidious because of their near-omnipresence; ironically, we are warned about them in the Scriptures: “If a man will not work, he should not eat.”

Civilizations on the rise have always been those with a mission mindset, a look to a better future, not complacent and yet also satisfied that to reach beyond the obvious merits of life in the day and time was part of the natural make up. And then there are those whose satisfaction is complete if they are served by others or are enabled in their complacency by what others let lie unprotected

These folks steal that which others have planted and nurtured. They are thieves, and for many the attitude is that they are somehow owed what others build or produce, plant and nurture. They are takers, and they steal from those whose time is spent building and planning. We are surrounded by them in this modern age, and because democracies are dependent on the numbers who vote, these same non-contributors are growing in numbers and are dangerously close to becoming the majority.
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