The Orchestrated Invasion of Locusts


Many of the folks who scour the pages of Internet posts and the current media, whether it’s the written word or that delivered by the medium of television, see reports of disasters worldwide. The mainstream media however, is so left in their leanings that they almost topple over in their biased reportage of the “collective” picture.

Unless America steps back from their television sets and takes that wider view of events that are deliberately not connected by a less than honest 5th Estate they will miss the enormity of a “judgement” being adjudicated across the planet.

The loss of freedom, one government edict at a time, is similar in its end result to an invasive disease that once it has entered the system of a persons body and not tended to immediately with the correct treatment, will wear the body down and in the end be terminal, ending life. The deliberate injection of disease into a body or a nation delivers the same end. And that, dear friends, is what has been “injected” into the body politic of America. A disease so insidious and terminal that it has lain dormant until the triggering mechanisms of “political correctness” and the addition of the virus of “Cloward-Piven” and Hilary’s much loved Saul Alinsky opened the floodgates for the disease to render the whole body unable to control the onslaught.

The stages of this disease begin with the control of speech such that only certain types of phrases are tolerated without being denigrated and called out as “racist” or any number of blindsiding and thereby nullifying verbs, adverbs and pronouns.

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