The Obama Doctrine, Iran, and Treasonous Negotiating


Students of history know well the messages contained in the Monroe and Truman Doctrines. Now after more than six years in office, President Obama has finally set forth what history will remember as the Obama Doctrine. Presidents Monroe and Truman sent a clear message to the rest of the world concerning America’s interests: hands off or you will pay. In establishing the Obama Doctrine the President has sent a much different message to the world: Go ahead and run over us—my goal is a weaker America. A key aspect of the Obama Doctrine is that when it comes to negotiating with our enemies, the President’s team is willing to give away anything that will help achieve Obama’s ultimate goal of a weaker America.

When it’s time to buy a new car, I want to buy it from Barack Obama. Why? Because judging from his record, the President has to be the worst negotiator imaginable. His approach to negotiating seems to be to give away everything he can while getting nothing in return. If you were an enemy of the United States and wanted to buy a used car, you could walk into Obama Motors with just enough money to buy a beat-up, pre-owned Yugo and drive off the lot in a shiny new Lexus. Oh, and you would have money left over. Based on his performance in the Bergdahl trade and more recently in the Iran nuclear negotiations, Barack Obama appears to be the proverbial witless rube who could be duped into paying top dollar for useless swampland. The only problem with this supposition is that Obama is no dupe. He knows exactly what he is doing. And what is that? It is everything possible while still in office to leave America a weaker, less secure nation.

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