The NSA Should Be Spanked


by Harry Livermore

The NSA has been accused by the governments of Brazil and Mexico of intercepting the emails of prominent political figures in each country. It seems that President Dilma Rouseff of Brazil and President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico have had their communications hacked. Both countries are rightfully upset about this infraction of the Good Neighbor Policy.

“Both the Brazilian and Mexican governments summoned their respective US Ambassadors for discussions of this breach of national sovereignty. Mexico requested an ‘exhaustive investigation’ to determine who may be responsible for the alleged spying on Mr. Pena Nieto’s emails before his election last year…” So wrote the BBC. We can only hope that as this “exhaustive investigation” proceeds, the guilty party will be revealed and perhaps punished for stealing the emails (See Exodus 20:15). More than likely the punishment will amount to a promotion, perhaps in a different department, say the IRS. My mother and father would have handled it a different way.

Mom and Dad knew how to take care of wayward children. On my way home from school one afternoon when I was about six years old, I just couldn’t resist helping myself to Mrs. Snyder’s mulberries on a branch hanging over the alleyway where I was walking. Unable to forbear from filching the tempting purple berries, I helped myself without first checking with Mrs. Snyder. (See Exodus 20:15) The mulberries were so tender and juicy and sweet. I shoveled them into my mouth by the hands full. (The down side to mulberries is that they stain your hands, so much so that it takes several days of washing to wear off the rich purple color.)

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