The NRA, Grover Norquist, and the Muslim Brotherhood


I’ve been a proud member of the NRA for years and have defended the organization several times in various articles. It’s the number one defender of the Second Amendment and I feel quite certain we are all better off because the NRA has been around. Without its support of our God-given right to keep and bear arms, we might look like most of Europe by now.

But then I heard this just yesterday, that Grover Norquist is up for re-election to the board of directors of the National Rifle Association. My first thought was, why he is on the board to begin with? My second was – okay, he’s there but maybe they can rectify their error, unless no one has looked into Grover’s background or affiliations, which appears to be evident, for if they had they should want nothing to do with him.

You mean Grover Norquist the conservative anti-tax reformer? What could be wrong with him? What’s wrong with him is he’s in bed with The Muslim Brotherhood and has been for years.
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