The Media is Wrecking America’s Political Process


I will admit to experiencing mild annoyance at the prospect of featuring billionaire TV personality and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump here two weeks in a row, but I believe that doing so will serve us well in illustrating both the abject corruption that has overtaken our party system and the press, and their brazen (as opposed to subtle) attempts to manipulate the electorate.

Last week during the Republican candidates’ debate, it became apparent that elements of the Republican Party brass had enrolled Fox News as a proxy in their efforts to drive Trump out of the running. Given the sentiments expressed by GOP contenders in recent weeks, it is obvious that this is one of their higher priorities. During the last election cycle, they used a good old-fashioned bimbo eruption to eliminate Herman Cain; at the time, he was perceived as a credible threat by the GOP establishment, as is Trump at present.

Such action may not be necessary with regard to Trump; it is altogether possible that he’s only interested in the business objective of increasing his visibility, which he did successfully the last time around. I know some may not appreciate hearing this, since the tycoon is articulating America’s current problems quite well and consequently has ingratiated himself to a lot of people.
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