Jan Morgan


Jan Morgan is an Award-winning Associated Press Veteran television investigative journalist, turned citizen activist for the Conservative Movement. Her Conservative voice has generated a following of over 350,000 friends and subscribers on her website and two Facebook pages, “Jan Morgan” and “Jan Morgan Media,” which led to her being selected the first Facebook Conservative Rockstar by Red White and Blue News.

As a journalist, Morgan won awards in spot news, documentary, and best continuing coverage. Most recently her investigative documentary “Rampant InJustice gained national exposure.” And her article “My AR 15 is NOT an Assault Rifle” generated a firestorm in responses when featured on “The Daily Caller,” “Patriot Update” and JANMORGANMEDIA.COM

Morgan currently anchors a 30-minute television program, and has co-hosted American Akbar, an international radio blog program with Counter-Terrorism expert Gadi Adelman. She’s also a frequent guest commentator on Washington D.C.’s Armstrong Williams Show.

Additionally, she is a popular guest on Fox radio in Atlanta Georgia, and Conservative Talk radio across the nation, including America Family Radio.

Morgan is NRA Certified in firearms/range safety and recently completed her testing to become a state certified concealed carry instructor in her home state Arkansas. She is aligned with Patriot Close Combat Consultants and teaching “Armed and Female” classes across the country, a hand to hand combat and firearms self defense class specifically geared toward women.

Speaking expertise include: Current Political and Culture Issues, The Second Amendment, Firearm Safety

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