Gina Loudon


Dr. Gina Loudon, host of “Dr. Gina: Life Starts Here,” has two master’s degrees and a PhD in Psychology (Counseling Education Human Development; Human and Organizational Systems).

Co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor, Dr. Loudon is credited as one of the “100 Founding Members” of the Nationwide Tea Party movement, Founder of Arizona BUYcott, and originator of the field of Policology–the nexus of politics and psychology.

She is also wife of a former Missouri Senator and mother of 5, including one with Down Syndrome by the miracle of adoption.

Dr. Loudon is a popular TV and radio guest and has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, On the Record With Great Van Susteren, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, American Family Radio and more!

She has also been cited in numerous publications including The New York Times, Breibart’s Big Outlets,, the L.A. Times, Huffington Post, World Net Daily, and CNN International.

What others are saying about Dr. Loudon …

“Not only [is she]gorgeous, [she is]smart … and fighting hard for all the right things!” – Governor Sarah Palin

“Dr. Gina is Awesome!” – John Stossel

“When you’re rushing out to buy my book, don’t miss the Dr. Gina Show every day …” – Ann Coulter

Speaking expertise include: Women’s Issues, Parenting, Culture, Pro-life, Adoption (Adoptive Mother), Down Syndrome, Second Amendment, Media Training, Psychology, Politics, Economy/Business, Religious Freedom, Elections & Strategy, Messaging/Campaigns, Winning, The Psychology of Finance, Emcee.

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