Doug Giles


Doug Giles is the man behind, as well as a popular columnist on and the author of the book Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls.

His articles also appear on news sources including The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, Fox Nation, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, The Blaze, American Hunter Magazine and ABC News.

Appearing as a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, and nationally syndicated radio shows across the nation…Giles believes officially makes him a super hero.

In addition, he guest hosts on New York City’s WABC (The Jason Mattera Show) and appears every Friday on America’s Morning News (155 markets).

Giles and wife, Margaret, have two daughters. Hannah, who devastated ACORN with her 2009 nation shaking undercover videos, and Regis who is an NRA columnist, huntress and Second Amendment activist.

His interests include guns, big game hunting, big game fishing, fine art, cigars, helping wounded warriors, and being a big pain in the butt to people who dislike God and the USA.

Giles is a popular speaker choice for colleges, businesses, community, church, advocacy, and men’s groups around the United States and internationally.

What others are saying about Giles…

“Doug Giles is a good man, and his bambinas are fearless. His girls Hannah and Regis Giles are indefatigable. I admire the Giles clan from afar.” – Dennis Miller

“Doug Giles must be some kind of a great guy if CNN wants to impugn him.” – Rush Limbaugh

“Doug Giles is a substantive and funny force for traditional values.” – Ann Coulter, best-selling author

“Doug is funny and insightful. Giles is always spot-on with his analysis and so incredibly hilarious, as well. Whether you’re 15 or 50, if you love God and America, Doug Giles is for you!” – Jason Mattera, NYT best-selling author of Obama Zombies and Editor-in-Chief, Human Events

Speaking expertise include: Isssues of Christianity and Culture, Masculinity vs. Metrosexuality, Big Game Hunting and Fishing, Raising Righteous Kids in a Rank Culture, the Second Amendment, Personal Empowerment, Politics, and Social Change.

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