Dennis Marcellino


Dennis Marcellino is an American musician, speaker and author of psychology, philosophy, theology, and political books.

An accomplished musician, Marcellino plays sax, flute, guitar, and bass, as well as being a vocalist, composer and arranger, he has been a member of several well-known music groups including The Tokens (famous for The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which he sings), Sly and The Family Stone (named by MSNBC as one of the top 10 rock bands of all time), The Elvin Bishop Group, and Rubicon, who closed the largest paid-ticket single day event in history, Cal Jam II, 250,000 tickets sold, 350,000 attended.

Marcellino also has an internationally bestselling CD under his name as a sax player, and has worked on over 50 albums and singles that have charted on Billboard’s Music Top 100.

Even with great success, Marcellino had a void that he attempted to fill with 21 different approaches to lifestyle, truth, problem solving and personal growth, including most of the major and experimental forms of psychology, eastern religion, Utopianism, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, as well as various new-age involvements, Scientology and secular-humanism. In 1982, he finally found the deep fulfillment that he was looking for in Christianity.

From his experience, he developed a successful program in addiction recovery that challenges “behavior modification,” citing his own personal recovery in 1982. Marcellino has authored three books on this topic including: Sweeping It Under The Drug, Addiction Free Forever, and The Addiction Free Forever Workbook.

Marcellino’s most current project is the “Conclusive Proof That God Exists And The Bible Is True,” which shares his main passion of spreading God in the world in an objective, scientifically backed way, showing that science, logic, experience, and statistics are on the side of God and the Bible, and not modern science theories or the current culture’s morality.

Marcellino appears on TV and radio, representing Christianity to every viewpoint, including secular, political, mainstream Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and New Age.

He is author of Why Are We Here?, and also a weekly feature article writer for The Patriot News and the Conservative Byte. Marcellino has also written and produced the documentary “Conclusive Proof Of God.”

Visit his websites at: The Plague of Liberalism, Biblical Values, and SpreadingGod.

What others are saying about Marcellino…

“It’s amazing what Dennis does with an audience!” – Norm Myrh, Sr. Vice President (Head Of Advertising) -Fred Meyer Corporation

Dennis Marcellino is a superb presenter! He recently gave a program at our organization titled “Ten conclusive proofs that God exists.” He articulated his arguments skillfully and convincingly, coupled with illustrations from his personal life’s journey. His powerpoint graphics were well crafted and at a subsequent gathering he demonstrated his enormous musical talent on the saxophone. I would highly recommend Dennis to those desiring a stimulating
and entertaining program. – Dr. Keith Swenson, President, Design Science Association Professor of Biology, Multnomah Bible College

Speaking expertise include: Conservative Christian Politics, Objective theology (for the common person or advanced Christian), Permanent Addiction Elimination, also available for musical events.

To book Dennis for your event, or for more information, please contact us.

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