The Joys of Modern Flight


I am writing this week’s column while sitting in a window seat of a CRJ 200 shuttle, leaving for Iowa for a Promise Keepers event then back to Albuquerque for a feature film I am in and then to Nashville.

The CRJ by the way was designed for shorter flights that save the airlines money on fuel and service a smaller volume of passengers. In other words it’s caca.

As I survey my surroundings of this all too familiar traveling option that I have grown accustomed too by the mere fact that I have no options since the Star Trek transporter technology still seems to be years away.

At this moment I am gobbling up a bag of peanuts that they actually offered free of charge! Apparently they based the volume of how many peanuts per bag on the Biblical story of the widow’s mite.

When I first arrived at the check in I was asked for credit card to pay for checking my bags. One wonders how they do this with a straight face.

“Welcome sir we are happy you chose American and hope you have a pleasant flight…Oh wait a’re bringing clothing? We didn’t anticipate this but yes, we have received clearance to tote your personal effects along with you on your getaway but I am sure you can understand this is going to cost you.

Perhaps in the future when you know you are going to travel you can ship your toiletries and wardrobe ahead in a packing crate so it will be there when you arrive. It would be cheaper.”

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